Family Centered Services and Supports (FCSS) funding

Eligible families

Family Centered Services and Supports (FCSS) funding  focuses on maintaining children and youth in their own homes and communities by providing non-clinical family-centered services and supports. FCSS, formerly known as FAST, is built on the foundation that family involvement in service planning and implementation:

  1. is critical to successful treatment outcomes;

  2. strengthens the existing capacity of families to function effectively; and,

  3. ensures the safety and well-being of each family member.

FCSS funds are allowed to be used on families whose children are ages 0 through 21 with multi-systemic needs or unmet needs, who are receiving Child and Family Team supports through the local Family and Children First Council. FCSS funding is designed to meet the unique needs of children and families identified on the comprehensive family service plan (CFSP) developed through the Child and Family Team process as outlined in the County Service Coordination Mechanism.

Single agencies or programs providing service coordination (outside of the FCFC Service Coordination Mechanism or the Child and Family Team process) that may not be able to meet the family’s needs, may refer families to FCFC’s Child and Family Team process for cross-system team planning. If these families meet the local criteria for a Child and Family Team and a comprehensive family service plan is developed that identifies eligible services or supports, FCSS funds may be used for the purpose identified in the family plan. In order to prevent duplication of plans or conflicting expectations of the family, the agency/program family service coordination plan should be integrated into or linked to and coordinated with the FCFC CFSP.

Eligible expenditures

Listed below are examples of allowable family support expenditures when identified on the comprehensive family service plan (CFSP).

  • Non-clinical in-home parent/child coaching;

  • Non-clinical parent support groups;

  • Parent education;

  • Mentoring;

  • Respite care (including summer camp);

  • Transportation (ie. Cab/taxi fares, gas vouchers);

  • Social/recreational activities;

  • Safety and adaptive equipment;

  • Structured activities to improve family functioning;

  • Parent advocacy; and,

  • Service coordination (to utilize the FCSS funding for FCFC service coordination, a unit rate must be established.

  • Youth/Young Adult Certified Peer Support.

Non-allowable expenditures include:

  • Out of home placements and services/supports to those children in out of home placements and their families;

  • Court related expenses;

  • Administrative or operating expenses;

  • Federal match;

  • Clinical interventions (i.e., services, assessments, and clinical case management);

  • Medical services and equipment;

  • General programs costs (i.e., non-individualized services);

  • Food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and/or household expenses;

  • Classroom instruction or any required public education cost or responsibility (to include tutoring, school-based credit recovery, and/or summer school programming); and,

  • Family and work related childcare