Wraparound Referral Form

Wraparound (Child and Family Teams) is an intensive family based system of care. To learn more about this program, click here.

Toasty Tots Referral link

Please click the PDF to the left to download the referral link for Toasty Tots or you may use this link: . You may contact Veronica Brady at 937-292-3040 or Mandy Slemmons at 937-292-3049 if you cannot download the link. 

Early Intervention Referral Form

For children birth to three with potential or diagnosed developmental delays or disabilities. Early Intervention can offer Service Coordination and home visits.

Parent Project/Why Try Form

Parent Project is a 10-week parent class specifically designed for parents of children 12-17 years of age. Parent Project is run in succession with Why Try, a teen resiliency program for teens of the same age. Parent Project Jr. is run once a year and is designed for parents of children ages 5-11. There are two Parent Project Sr classes every year and one Parent Project Jr. class. The referral form is the same.