Logan County Parent Project (R)


What is it?

•     A 10-week parent training program designed specifically for parents of strong-willed or out-of-control adolescent children.

•     The curriculum teaches concrete identification, prevention, and intervention strategies for the most destructive of adolescent behaviors (poor school attendance and performance, alcohol and other drug use, gangs, runaways, and violent teens, etc.).


How does it work?

•     Parents attend and learn in a classroom setting, to manage teen behavior problems at home.

•     Activity based 216-page workbook “A Parent’s Guide to Destructive Adolescent Behavior” is available only to program participants.

•     Parents meet one night per week, for three hours per session for the first 6 sessions and for two hours per session for the last 4 sessions.

•     Parent support groups are formed using the UCLA, Self-Help Support Group model.

•     Program orientation: behavior modification.


Who teaches the program?


•     Logan County has a team of trainers who have completed the forty-hour Parent Project facilitator training.


Why the Parent Project?

•     Twenty-five years in development, the Parent Project® is the only course of its kind.

•     Over 500,000 families have attended Parent Project classes, nationwide.

•     The Parent Project is the largest court-mandated juvenile diversion program in the country.

•     A proven track record, the Parent Project reduced juvenile crime by 1/3, while significantly increasing both school attendance and performance.

•     The Parent Project® was recognized by the American Bar Association as the strongest parent-involvement program for adjudicated youth in the nation.

•     Over 1/3 of the OJJDP funded, Youth Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs use the Parent Project Model.


When and where is the next session?

•   The Logan County Parent Project is currently offered twice a year at the Union Station of Logan County. The next session will begin in January.


Who should be referred to attend the program?

•   The parent/guardian who has primary day-to-day responsibility for supervision of strong-willed, out of control adolescents; ideally both parents attend the program


 Logan County Why Try

Why Try is a 10 week resiliency skill building training for youth 12-17 years of age. The Class runs at the same time as the Parent Project trainings.


  • Research based:

    • Increased GPA, overall academic behavior, and graduation rates

    • Decreased expulsion, rule breaking behaviors

    • Improved self-concept and emotional health

    • Currently at work in over 20,000 organizations in all 50 of the United States as well as Canada, the UK and Australia


  • Builds resiliency skills to decrease destructive behaviors


  • Facilitators work to build positive relationships and relevance in the classroom


Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to attend the in-person classes. 

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For more information, or to refer, contact either Mandy Slemmons, Parent Project Coordinator at mslemmons@logancbdd.org, phone # 937-292-3049 or Veronica Brady, Executive Director at vbrady@logancbdd.org phone #  937-292-3040

Parent Project (R) and Why Try are provided by a collaborative grant with three counties under the Strong Families Safe Communities, and by the United Way Youth of Logan County.