We Care.


                                                                    The Community Coalition for Opiate Relief Efforts brings together organizations and                                                                                 community leaders to provide answers for those with questions and direction to those who                                                                     feel lost in the struggle against Opiate Addiction.  This website is designed to help raise                                                                         community awareness, provide resources to parents, teachers, friends, and medical                                                                               professionals and offer hope to the addicted and their loved ones.


Who does Opiate Addiction affect?


It affects you! No matter your background or present social status. In some way shape or form opiate addiction affects you. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, friend, sibling, doctor, neighbor or complete stranger this epidemic of opiate abuse affects you.


Dr Griffith, a psychiatrist with Consolidated Care in Logan and Champaign Counties, has this to say, “In the past I think people could isolate their mind from drug abuse by saying it’s only in the big city, or a problem with minorities. But the statistics are clear, that ordinary people are becoming addicted to opiates and dying from the abuse of these medicines.”


According to an OSAM Drug Trend Report for June 2013-January 2014 for Ohio-Dayton-Logan county region.

         -80% of survey participants Graduated High school

         -34% of survey participants went on to College

         -26% of those who participated in the survey were abusing prescription opioids.

         -20% of participants were minorities

Mission Statement

To instill hope, support healing, provide education, and preserve life.


About the Coalition

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Logan and Champaign Counties 

started in 2005 and continues on with the important work of local

suicide prevention. The Coalition is devoted to raising awareness

around the important topic of suicide prevention, the impact suicide

has on our community, as well as supporting families that have been                       of Logan and Champaign Counties

touched by suicide.


The Coalition’s work towards Prevention and Awareness includes:

  • Monthly Coalition meetings, 1st Tuesday of every month 3-4:30 pm at the West Liberty office of Consolidated Care.

  • The promotion and coordination for mental health screening in local schools

  • Awareness campaings thru community events and media campaigns

  • Collaboration with local stakeholders, including local churches, schools, law enforcement and community organizations and businesses for prevention and awareness efforts

  • Provide speakers and trainings to any interested groups or organizations


Our Coalition is also deeply committed to Suicide Postvention, supporting those families touched by suicide. Our community was the first in Ohio to offer a LOSS Team response, which is a trained group of volunteers that can respond to a family at the time of their loss to offer immediate support, resources and information as well as connect families to other local survivors. This response is done in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and Coroners offices.


The Coalition’s work towards suicide Postvention includes:

  • LOSS Team Responses for family and loved one’s

  • The Survivor of Suicide Support Group (SOS) meets monthly at the West Liberty office of Consolidated Care, 1521 North Detroit Street, on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00 pm.  

  • The creation of a ‘Memory Quilt’ to be displayed throughout the community

  • SOS Memory Walk, Ohio Caverns (September)

  • Annual Awareness Ceremonies in each County, September


For more information contact us.



Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 4:00pm at the West Liberty Consolidated Care, Inc. office.

The Events sub-committee works to plan and carry-out numerous events each year to help raise awareness for suicide prevention in Logan and Champaign counties. These events are also a means of support and an opporutnity for healing for survivors-those who have lost a loved on to suicide. For more information contact Stephanie Ketchell at sketchell@ccibhp.com.



Meets the 4th Monday of each month at 3:00pm at the MHDAS Board office (1521 North Detroit Street).

The Survivor sub-committee works to identify and provide additional support services to local survivors; including, quarterly survivor newsletters and condolence and anniversary mailings and phone calls. For more information contact Winona Barstow at barstoww@gmail.com.